In recent months, District 23 Zontians have been faced with some huge challenges.  Our clubs have had to find new ways to operate through hellish bushfires and the Covid-19 pandemic.  It has not been easy – but we are continually adapting to each new challenge.

This experience has shown that Zontians may be ready to take on the biggest challenge the world has ever faced – rapid climate change and more intense weather events. 

Did you know that women are more heavily impacted by climate change than men, as:

  • 80% of people displaced by climate change are women;
  • Women, as caregivers, and food providers, are more vulnerable when flooding and drought occur; 
  • Women face systematic violence that escalates during periods of instability;
  • Globally women have less socioeconomic power than men, so it is harder for them to recover from disasters; and
  • The UN highlights that gender-sensitive responses to climate change are needed – but average female representation on negotiating bodies is well below 30%. 

Much of this disadvantage can be rectified through Zonta’s existing health, education, and violence eradication programs. 

If women and girls are to get a fair go, we need more women to normalize discussions on climate change so that local, state, and federal politicians are aware of the importance of addressing this issue. 

We need to train ourselves to be leaders in our families, workplaces, and communities-  empowering people to care enough to reduce emissions, reduce waste, adopt new technologies, and plant more trees.

We must do this so future generations may have a chance at experiencing the clean air and diversity of nature we grew up with.

Zonta says NOW to climate action.


Zontians need to be informed before taking action.  By including your details below you will be subscribing to the Zonta for Climate Action Think Tank.  We will send you updates and emails seeking your views and input on a range of activities.  Please make your voice be heard as we say NOW to taking climate action.

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